About us ...

classicparts4you.com was founded by independent entrepreneurs with many years of automotive industry know-how and is supported by experienced IT professionals.

classicparts4you.com is guaranteed to be independent and is not subject to any external influences from the industry and retail.

The exclusive partnership with the world classic car association FIVA gives us worldwide access to vintage car specialists, manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, associations, industry and owners.

The aim is: 

  • To provide our customers with reliable proof of parts and services.
  • To provide qualified service providers with a global distribution channel and long-term supply of spare parts and services.

As a neutral marketplace, classicparts4you.com researches the availability of parts and services and makes the results available to its customers.


classicparts4you.com does not trade in parts and services, but only provides neutral and indpendent information about the current parts situation for manufacturer parts (OE), aftermarket parts (IAM), 3rd party / speciality suppliers and the used parts market of affiliated classic car dealers.

Parts availability

An acute problem for classic car lovers

As the number of classic and more recent cars increases, the search for parts is becoming increasingly problematic. Demand exceeds supply, prices rise, supply sources dry up. What parts are still available where and at what price is not transparent.

Only about 20% of all parts are developed and produced by the vehicle manufacturer, primarily engine and body assemblies. The other components are provided by replacement part providers. All of these original parts and original equipment are held by the manufacturers beyond the production period. But not they don't hold them forever.

The second industrial source is the replacement market, i.e. for parts that were produced specifically for this purpose. But the supply has gaps here too when falling demand no longer permits profitable production.

The gaps are partially filled by smaller companies that specialise in the reproduction of vintage parts.

classicparts4you.com classicparts4you.com merges all these sources for you and only then provides a one-stop overview of the current situation for parts availability. As to be expected, availability is better in relation to the vehicle’s newness, starting from the 1960s. For pre-war cars, on the other hand, parts are only occasionally on offer from industrial production. In this case, further specific searches are needed.

classicparts4you.com is about to integrate qualified 3. party (speciality) supplier to close the gap step by step.